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Baby Steps in Infant Formula: Way to go non-GMO, nano next!


GMO Inside is excited to announce that Similac, Gerber Good Start, and Enfamil have all released non-GMO offerings of their infant formula.

Since 2013 GMO Inside has been calling on all three companies to remove GMOs from their products. In April 2015, Similac, owned by Abbott Nutrition, announced two versions of non-GMO infant formula and recently released an organic version. Since then Gerber Good Start, owned by Nestle, and Enfamil have followed suit and have released non-GMO varieties. GMO Inside applauds Similac, Gerber, and Enfamil’s efforts and hopes to see all three companies transition more of their products to non-GMO and organic. Infant formula is often times the first item fed to babies and parents deserve to know what they are giving their children at their most vulnerable age.


You made this change happen! Thanks to GMO Insiders companies are starting to pay more attention to what is inside their products and are taking steps to remove concerning ingredients. Together we are building a safer and more sustainable food system. But we can’t stop here!

Removing GMOs from infant formula is a great first step. But there are other concerning elements still lurking in infant formula. Friends of the Earth recently released a report covering the common use of potentially hazardous nanoparticles in infant formula and the dangers they may pose to infants. Nanomaterials are particles engineered to be extremely small and growing scientific research shows that nanoparticles pose a threat to human health. Currently, nanoparticles are unregulated by the federal government and have not gone through any safety testing.

There is still a lot unknown about nanoparticles. In order for companies to truly provide peace of mind to parents its imperative that they remove any ingredients that have yet to be safety tested and use the precautionary principle as a benchmark for ingredients. It is in everyone’s best interest to prove something safe before we start feeding it to our families.

Read the report to learn more about nanoparticles in infant formula and the risk they may post to our littlest ones.





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