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GMOi_BumbleBeeNGPvTunaWin_2Bumble Bee tuna is now non-GMO project verified.  The company has transitioned away from genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) in its solid white albacore canned tuna, a flagship product. This is a huge first step for Bumble Bee, who will continue to transition the balance of its canned and pouch tuna products to non-GMO verified by the end of the year.

After years of calling out Bumble Bee for its use of genetically modified soy in canned tuna, GMO Inside applauds Bumble Bee’s efforts to go non-GMO and seek third party verification.  Seeking out non-GMO project verification ensures that the products have been comprehensively evaluated and adhere to the rigorous non-GMO project standards.

Thanks to the powerful voice of consumers, companies are finally realizing it is time to meet demands around health and sustainability by providing non-GMO products. This is an important step in creating a better food system. In the wake of the passage of the Dark Act, the federal GMO labeling law that will allow companies to continue to hide information about GMOs behind confusing and discriminatory QR codes, it is vital that corporations listen to consumers increased demands for non-GMO and sustainable products.

Thank you Bumble Bee for listening to consumers and going non-GMO.

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