Chobani uses milk from cows fed GMOs. How "natural" is THAT?


In 2013, GMO Inside launched a campaign against Chobani for its use of milk from cows fed GMOs, especially because Chobani markets its products as being “real” and “natural”. We asked Chobani to shift to non-GMO feed for their cows.

Cows living on industrial farms are fed almost entirely genetically engineered (GE) crops like corn, soy, alfalfa, cotton seed, and/or sugar beets. In fact, 98% of GE soy and 49% of GM corn goes to feeding livestock and poultry. A study showed that pigs fed a diet entirely of GMOs suffered from severe stomach inflammation when compared to pigs given non-GMO feed. Additionally, while the dairy industry claims that genetically modified particles are broken down in the digestive tracts of the animals that eat them, these GE particles have shown up in the organs and milk of animals fed GMOs, the same milk and meat that humans then eat.

After consumers across the country joined us in voicing their concerns through petitions, social media, and calls to their customer service, Chobani responded.  In October 2014, Chobani and Green America – the nonprofit behind GMO Inside – announced a partnership to improve cattle feed in the US, including options for non-genetically engineered and organic grains. This partnership includes resource sharing and active communications to promote better food for more people.

Chobani is taking the first step by launching three organic yogurt flavors in early 2015. Understanding that the current supply of organic and other milk from cows not fed GMOs does not meet the soaring demand, Chobani is also committed to work with farmers on transition strategies toward a GMO-free and organic milk supply and to explore what 21st century sustainable dairy operations can entail.

GMO Inside thanks all of you for helping make this happen.

You can continue to help GMO Inside push for non-GMO animal feed by asking Starbucks to switch to organic dairy »