If Corporations Won’t Label GMO Foods, Then We the People Will

Download LabelsWhy?

The companies running our industrialized food economy refuse to label genetically engineered foods.  Genetically modified foods are labeled in more than 60 countries including France, China, Germany and the U.K., so their citizens know what they are eating.  Until we have laws requiring the labeling of GMOs in the U.S., we need to do the labeling ourselves.


Labeling is easy.  You can download our handy color labels (descargar nuestras etiquetas) to print at home on label paper or order sheets of labels by making a donation to GMO Inside.

You can put the labels on foods in your home, to alert family to the GMOs they are eating.  You can also use the labels in your community at events such as picnics or even in your office kitchen.  It’s completely legal to label food items you’ve paid for.

Remember, the vast majority of soy, corn, canola, and sugar beet (i.e. “sugar”) crops in the US are genetically modified.  Processed foods containing corn (including high fructose corn syrup, modified corn starch, maltodextrin, or vitamin C), soy ( soy protein isolate, soy flour, tofu, soy sauce, lecithin, or Vitamin E), and added natural flavors which are NOT labeled non-GMO or organic will most likely contain GMOs inside.  That’s a lot of foods to label!

Remember, you can NOT use the labels on products at the grocery which you have not purchased. 

Get Social

You can label foods with GMO Inside stickers, take a picture, and share with your friends via Facebook or Pinterest.  That way you can alert them to the fact that many household brands have GMOs in them.  Share them on the Facebook.com/gmoinside page as well.

Once you label genetically engineered foods you can let everyone know there are non-GMO alternatives out there.  Foods with the Non-GMO Project label or labeled organic are grown and processed without the use  GMOs.

Thanks for raising awareness!


Instructions for using the labels:

  1. Download labels. Double click on the zip file to open. On a PC you will also have to click “Extract all files.”
  2. Decide whether you want to print 10 labels per page or 30, and which colors you want. Purchase Avery 5163 labels for the 10 per sheet and Avery 5160 for the 30 per sheet.  Or, you can use any generic 5X2 or 10X3 labels.  Labels can be purchased at any office supply store.
  3. Print them out (in color if you have it) and then label the GMO foods you find!

Instrucciones para utilizar las etiquetas:

  1. Descargue las etiquetas. Haga doble clic en el archivo zip para abrirlo. En su PC también tendrá que hacer clic en “Extraer todos los archivos”.
  2. Decida si desea imprimir 10 etiquetas por página o 30, y también el color que desee. Le recomendamos Avery 5163 para la impresión de 10 por hoja y 5160 Avery para la 30 . O bien, puede utilizar cualquier genérico 5X2 o etiquetas 10×3. el papel de etiquetas se pueden comprar en cualquier tienda de suministros de oficina.
  3. Imprima (a color si lo tiene) y luego ¡Etiquete a los alimentos transgénicos que encuentre!