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Moms are Marching against GMOs! Interview with Moms Across America March

Interview with Zen Honeycutt and Kathleen Hallal, co-founders of the Moms Across America March

Moms Acorss America MarchWhy are Moms Across America marching on July 4th? 

Because we love our kids. We are marching because it’s not enough for our families to know about GMO’s and for just us to eat organic. Sure, we feel better, but the last stat we saw said that 70% of the American people still don’t know about GMOs and therefore can’t even choose whether to eat GMOs or not. That does not work for us because we want ALL children in America to be healthy, and free of the myriad of health conditions and learning disabilities that have appeared in every classroom since the secret introduction of GMOs to our food supply in the mid 90’s. We want our sons to have healthy spouses when they get married one day and wish to start a family. We have seen the studies showing that GMOs can affect our health in negative ways including sterility, asthma, autism, autoimmunity, diabetes, and cancer, and we do not wish to consume them. We want Americans to have the choice to choose whether to eat Genetically Modified foods, or not. The only way that this can be done is through labeling.

Why is GMO Labeling so important?

1. Because every one deserves the right to know what is in their food.
2. Because if we ever did achieve a ban and it was lifted, we would be right back where we are now.
3. Because it’s honest and has integrity, and we all know no matter what your interests are, financial gain etc, we all have an innate desire to have integrity in our lives. Labeling is about integrity in our food system and therefore in the structure of our entire society.

Is labeling enough? What about getting GMOs out of the food supply?  Do you think its possible?

We absolutely see getting GMOs out of the food supply as possible and we see labeling as a step in the right direction. In Europe, once food was required to be labeled, most food manufacturers chose not to include GMOs in their ingredients. They knew most people, given the choice, would prefer not to have a foreign protein and heavy pesticides in their food. We believe the food manufacturers will eliminate GMOs here, something they are already doing in 62 other countries, once labeling is required. We really acknowledge and support the companies that are committed to integrity in their food and are choosing to label and go NON GMO project verified without the government telling them they have to. They are what makes America great.

At GMO Inside we like to offer solutions to consumers concerned about GMOs.  What has been a helpful tip or product you have found that has helped you to avoid GMOs?

Bring organic or non-GMO snacks and food with you everywhere you go! You don’t know what is in the food when you go to a gathering or walk around town. You do know what is in the food you brought. Be like a Boy Scout. Be prepared.

To date – how many marches are happening across the US?

We have been focusing on the foundation thus far, so we have just started to promote sign-ups and have moms marching in about 30 parades now all across the USA from CT,MA, AR, TN, ID, OR,WA,CA and more… 98 are already available on the map for people to sign up at and if you don’t see your parade, you can add any parade that is happening across the country. In May we will do our promotion with emails, videos and cross promotion…for instance on the Food Revolution Summitt during their event, and coverage from organizations like yours, GMO free USA,  OCA, IRT, LabelGMOs, Allergy Kids and Robyn O’Brien, Holistic Moms Network, Code Pink, Nature’s Path and Glory Bee and more have said they will support the march. That outreach will reach a lot of Moms, who buy 85% of the food. We know a lot of people might be inclined to sign up at the last minute, but we ask for people to sign up in May because we need to have time to organize the parades and we Moms and supporters want to march in style 🙂 Also, the t-shirt orders need to be in by June 5.

How can GMO Insiders find a parade to join?

Go to, enter your zipcode and choose 50 miles for the search and if you don’t find one, go to the side bar list and click on “USA Parade List”. Copy and past the nearest parade to you and enter you own event! To be the point person of an event just means you get to connect with moms and supporters in your area who feel the same way you do and expand awareness together, really strengthening your community. There will be very little work involved, just fun parade planning to march with like-minded citizens to ask for labeling!

How else can GMO Insiders support the Moms Across America March?

Besides signing up to march and/or being a leader, you can donate to support our distribution of educational materials. You can also share. Share with 10 Mom about GMOs and the march, then ask them to share with at least 5-10. If they shared with 5 Moms, and those Moms shared with 5 Moms, who shared with 5, you would be personally responsible for 1270 Moms finding out about GMOs and the march. The FDA and government may have a lot of power, but we have the gift of gab. Monsanto may have a lot of money, but the love for our children is bigger than their wallets. Share with love and we will transform the world. This is our country, our kids, our food and our future. Thank you!


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  1. YvonneH
    May 11, 2013 at 7:59 pm #

    Never mind labelling fake GMO foods…. Ban them outright!

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