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Pass the Hummus! Sabra Reveals Non-GMO Offerings

by Michael Stein, Food Campaigns Manager

Just in time for international hummus day, GMO Inside is happy to report that Sabra hummus is going non-GMO.

Sabra’s website now displays the new packaging for the non-GMO varieties. According to Sabra Consumer Relations, Sabra hummus has started to transition away from GMOs (mostly soybean oil), and will be sourcing certified non-GMO ingredients. It is unclear at this point what certification Sabra will use, or when these non-GMO products will hit the shelves. Be on the lookout next time you visit the grocery store!

We congratulate Sabra for listening to consumers and moving towards ingredients that are better for people and planet. This transition would not be taking place if it were not for GMO Insiders like you. In 2014, GMO Inside started a campaign calling on Sabra, owned by PepsiCo, to remove GMOs from its hummus. More than 17,000 of you signed the petition to Sabra calling for non-GMO ingredients. Every Super Bowl, thousands of you took action by calling PepsiCo and by voicing your concern’s on Sabra’s social media pages. Clearly Sabra was listening. Thanks for all your hard work–together we are changing our food supply!


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