GMO Inside Campaign Resources

GMOinside-websitebanner-taglineGMO Inside Campaign General Information Sheet
Print this one page describing the GMO Inside campaign, concerns about GMOs, and how others can get involved.


Label-CautionwBrandingGMO Inside labels
Print your own labels and use them at home to educate friends and family about the genetically modified ingredients in their favorite foods.


NoGMOsCheeriosDeception at General Mills: The Real Corporate Social Responsibility Report for General Mills
Read the GMO Inside report about General Mills’ failing grade in consumer transparency and corporate social responsibility practices.


SoyGMO Inside: Seven ingredients to watch out for
Get a comprehensive overview of the most widely genetically modified crops in the marketplace and how they translate to the ingredients in most packaged foods.


BLOGGMO Inside Blog
Stay on top of current GMO events, GMO Inside campaigns, non-GMO alternatives, and more.



WhatTheStarbucks-170x60GMO Inside Starbucks Campaign Flyer
Learn about the problems with GMOs in dairy, why our “What the Starbucks?!” campaign, and how you can take action.


GMO Inside Steering Committee Resources

GA logoGreen America: Tell Your Representative to Support the Right-to-Know Act
Take action to make labeling of genetically modified foods required by federal law.


Food Democracy NowFood Democracy Now! Blog
Learn more about Food Democracy Now! and the joint role of consumers and farmers in the sustainable food movement.


non_gmo_shopping_guideNon-GMO Shopping Guide
Use this detailed list of genetically modified ingredients to take a second look at the food on your grocery’s shelves.


logo_responsible_technology_smallInstitute for Responsible Technology: Reports
Download your own copies of publications detailing the risks associated with GMO foods.


FoodBabeFood Babe Blog
Featured in the NY Times, NBC-WCNC, ABC-WLOS, and the Washington Times, Vani Hari shows readers how to live more sustainably, make smarter choices at the grocery store, and more.


Other Resources

The Non-GMO Project: Non-GMO Verified Products

The Cornucopia InstituteOrganic Cereal Scorecard

Food & Water WatchMonsanto: A Corporate Profile

Center for Food SafetyGE Food Labeling Laws – A World Map

Food Policy Action: National Food Policy Scorecard for Senators and Representatives

Earth Open Source: GMO Myths and Truths