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“What the Starbucks?!” Comment Card Day of Action!


Can you even imagine what employees at Starbucks have to deal with in the day-to-day? Rude and demanding customers who will stop at nothing to get their caffeine fix, highly specific drink orders that are a nightmare to keep straight…and the list goes on and on. Starbucks employees go through it all – but above all else, they do listen to what customers want.

Today, we’re taking action to tell Starbucks what we want, in-person, nationwide

Stand in solidarity with thousands of GMO Insiders across the country for our Comment Card Day of Action! Visit your local Starbucks store today and—politely—hand in your comment cards asking for organic milk

By calling company headquarters earlier this month, we overwhelmed Starbucks’ phone lines and demonstrated that customers are committed to getting organic milk in their coffee. Today, with thousands of customers walking into Starbucks stores near and far to submit their comments, Starbucks will realize that it’s due time to take organic milk seriously.

Submitting your comment cards is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Download and print your own sheet of “We Want Organic Milk” comment cards.
  2. Visit your local Starbucks location, hand the comment card to the Starbucks cashier, and say: “Hello! As a Starbucks customer, I’m here today to ask that Starbucks provide organic milk at its stores. Please pass this comment card along to your store manager.”
  3. Forward this email to 10 of your friends, and ask them to stop in at their local Starbucks stores too.

With a friendly greeting and a warm smile, we can change the course of Starbucks’ future to one that’s a little greener.

Visit your local Starbucks and hand in your comment cards today!

Pro tip: Don’t forget to leave a tip for your local Starbucks workers! It’s a hard job – and the comment cards, while making a statement to Starbucks’ management and corporate headquarters, should not be used to reduce workers’ wages. 

Happy comment carding!

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