Chobani Uses Milk from Cows Fed GMOs. How Natural is That?

Chobani uses milk from cows fed GMOs. How "natural" is THAT?


Chobani, the most popular maker of Greek yogurt in the US, markets itself as being “real” and “natural” when in fact its yogurt is likely made with something very unnatural: GMOs.

Cows living on industrial farms are fed almost entirely GMO crops like corn, soy, alfalfa, cotton seed, and/or sugar beets. In fact, 98% of GM soy and 49% of GM corn goes to feeding livestock and poultry.

A recent study showed that pigs fed an entirely GMO diet suffered from severe stomach inflammation when compared to pigs given non-GMO feed. Additionally, while the dairy industry claims that genetically modified particles are broken down in the digestive tracts of the animals that eat them, these GM particles have shown up in the organs and milk of animals fed GMOs, the same milk and meat that humans then eat.

Chobani takes pride in adding no GM ingredients directly to its yogurt, and yet sources its primary ingredient – milk – from cows most likely eating loads of GMOs. Chobani said on Facebook that it is carefully monitoring its customers’ concerns when it comes to GMOs, so now is the time to speak up!

Tell Chobani to shift to non-GMO feed for their cows, to help accelerate the shift to a non-GMO food system! We and the cows thank you.


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