Coke and Pepsi: We Won’t Drink Your GMOs

GMO March Madness - Nothin But Net Profits - Coke and Pepsi: We won't drink your GMOs

Even if Coke and Pepsi sodas aren’t that healthy, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo – two of the most well-known and successful food and beverage providers in the world – own a long list of juice brands you may have thought were a better option than their sodas. However, they aren’t any better if they contain genetically modified ingredients. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are doing their best to deny consumers in America the right to know what is in the food they eat. In November of 2012, the two corporations spent more than $4.1 million combined to oppose GMO labeling.

Tell Coke and Pepsi we won’t drink their GMOs!


Sign our petition to the CEOs of Pepsi and Coke


2Call each company’s 800 number

Pepsi – 1 (800) 433-2652
Coke – 1 (800) 438-2653 (press 2)

Post on Pepsi and Coke brands’ Facebook pages


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