Tell General Mills and Kellogg’s You’re Making a Fresh Start

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Breakfast is the most beneficial meal of the day. But not when it’s full of GMOs. Kellogg’s and General Mills, the makers of some of the most popular and GMO-packed breakfast cereals spent over $2 millon to defeat prop 37 in California.

Let them know you are making a FRESH START, by choosing a GMO-free breakfast in 4 easy steps:

Sign the petition
to General Mills and Kellogg’s CEOs.


2Call each company’s 800 number

Kellogg’s – (800) 962 – 1413 (press 5 or 0)
General Mills – (800) 248 – 7310

Post on Kellogg’s and General Mills products’ Facebook pages


Share this with 5 friends and ask them to take action



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